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Anthea Husein

CEO & Sole-Trader

Kia Ora, I'm Anthea :)

My vision is to empower females and dismantle the gender barriers that hinder progress in STEM professions.
To accomplish this, my mission is to educate young girls of all ethnicities about the vast array of STEM careers through an engaging book that introduces six diverse characters, inspired by real-life women excelling in their chosen STEM fields!!
Set in New Zealand, the book incorporates basic Te Reo Māori words and features Anahera, a young Māori girl who aspires to a future career in STEM.

But EmpowHerMind offers more than just a book – it presents a catalyst for change that equips young women with the knowledge and confidence to pursue their dreams in STEM. 

Fostering a Global Movement for Change!!

EmpowHerMind is not just about creating a book - I am committed to making a tangible difference in the lives of girls worldwide. 

Therefore, for every ten books sold in New Zealand, one will be donated to a school in my home country Fiji.

I personally chose Fiji to donate to because I’ve experienced the close-mindedness towards women going into STEM careers.


Just like how only 24% of the STEM workforce in New Zealand consists of women, the Pacific region exhibits a similar pattern.

This initiative aims to bridge the educational gender gap in the Pacific Islands, providing higher quality resources to students who deserve a brighter future. 

EmpowHerMind's Key Values 🩷


For the next generation of strong women.